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About us

We believe that some of life’s best moments are shared over food. Whether your flavor is Mexican, American, or Mediterranean cuisine, you can expect bold flavors that will satisfy every craving.

When it comes to our dishes you will always be ready for more, Casa Deli prioritizes quality over quantity by partnering with local vendors, We’re proud to create dishes that are perfectly crafted with care and love and always made with fresh ingredients from our very own community.


In 2018, Chef Fernando Gadea trusted in God and had more than 20 years of experience in different culinary cultures in restaurants of the Twin Cities. He decides to open his first restaurant in Hopkins, Minnesota, called Casa Deli, generating jobs, and training the staff under three main principles: cleanliness, punctuality, and quality. Offering different types of cuisine such as Mexican, American, and the Mediterranean, creating a menu in which even if the family has different tastes, they will find an option that they will enjoy at Casa Deli. In 2021, Chef Jorge Ariza joins Fernando Gadea in the middle of the storm called the Covid-19 pandemic. Both decide to go ahead with a new project which is to open a second Casa Deli, located in the historic Savage Depot building in the city of Savage, Minnesota. The purpose is to provide jobs to the community, especially during these difficult times. Certainly, taking the decision of closing on Sundays, so employees have a day for sure to enjoy with their family and, above all, for those who wish to have the day to give thanks to God for all the blessings received.